Early Application Deadlines Extended

Early Application Deadlines are Extended for Some Schools Due to Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy pounds the East Coast just days before the Nov. 1 deadline for early applications, many colleges and universities are opting to extend their early application deadlines into the week of Nov. 5 for those affected by the storm.

Yale and Columbia University have already confirmed they will extend early application deadlines to next week, and many other schools are expected to follow suit.

This isn’t the first time schools have had to extend deadlines because of severe weather. Last year, over 76 colleges and universities extended their early application deadlines in the wake of a rare, late-October snowstorm that left many students in the Northeast without power.

Here is a list of schools that have already confirmed extended deadlines.  We will update as more information becomes available.

If you are planning to apply early, check individual school websites for updates on deadline extensions. Keep in mind that some deadline extensions only apply to those in areas affected by the storm. If you need more time, contact the admissions office of the schools you’re applying to. You can also check out NACAC’s list of deadline extensions for more information.


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