Admissions Prep Goals (2014)


Academic Resolutions Students Should Actually Keep This Year

It’s a new semester, and a new chance for students to make the most of their school year! While it’s easy to just go through the motions until summer break, now is the time for students to set themselves apart by getting more involved and setting challenging goals for the school year.

This semester is especially crucial for underclassmen who are gearing up for the college admissions process come senior year. So how can you get ahead?

Here are some academic goals that students should aim for in 2014.

  • Improve your grades. Remember, colleges like to see an upward grade trend, so be sure to work hard and bring your grades up if you’re struggling. If you already have an A average, keep it up!
  • Read more. Outside reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn more about the things that interest you. Explore blogs and specialty publications that cover your interests. Whether it’s robotics, computer science, fashion, or architecture, read more about the topics that you’re passionate about! If you need some ideas, check out our summer reading list.
  • Deepen your extracurricular involvement. Colleges like to see sustained involvement in just a handful of activities over a long period of time. If you’re involved in a lot of one-off activities, identify the extracurriculars that interest you the most and dedicate more time to those. Take a leadership position to deepen your involvement. If there isn’t a club or activity available that you’re really interested in, start your own!
  • Make a plan for the summer. Don’t slack off during the summer. Use that free time to explore your interests through an internship, research, part-time job, or academic program. Activities should be 6-8 weeks in length so you have plenty of time to learn and make an impact.
  • Ace your standardized tests. If you’re taking the SAT or ACT this year, study hard well in advance and hire a tutor if you need additional help.
  • Foster relationships with your teachers. Get to know your teachers well and stay active in class so they can get to know you. When it comes time to apply to college you’ll need to ask a teacher or two for a recommendation letter, so build a relationship now so he or she will be able to write a compelling recommendation when approached.
  • Do things you really enjoy! This is the time to explore your interests and passions! Don’t get involved in certain extracurriculars just because you think it will “look good” on your resume. Explore those interests that you truly enjoy and build upon them throughout the school year.




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