College Planning Checklist (March)


College Admissions and Test Prep Tips for Students this March

You’re half way through the semester! Are you doing everything you can to stay on track for college admissions and a productive academic year?

Spring is a critical time for students to plan their summer activities, fall course loads, and ensure that their grades are improving. While it may seem like there are a few more months left in the semester to allow you to get on track, with spring break and other holidays, it’s important for families to make the most of March, especially after a short month like February.

Here’s what students need to do in March to stay on track and get ahead.



  • By now you should have taken at least one or two ACT and SAT practice tests to determine which test is a better fit for you. Once you know which test to focus on, sit down with your college counselor or tutor to develop an effective test-prep timeline.
  • Evaluate your performance in your courses so far this semester. If you’re struggling with bad grades, now is the time to seek help.
  • Update your resume with your most recent activities, projects, and awards.



  • We can’t stress it enough: Keep up your grades! Don’t fall victim to senioritis.
  • Make some time to sit down with your parents and talk finances. While more admissions decisions are to come, it’s good to set realistic expectations about where you can afford to attend before decisions and financial aid packages arrive.
  • If you haven’t already visited, plan a trip to the schools where you have been accepted. This can help when it comes time to decide where to enroll.

What other goals do you have for March? Tell us in the comments below!


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