Early Application Information (Class of 2019)

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Many Early Decision and Early Action Deadlines Are Just One Month Away

Update: If you’re looking for the 2014-15 early decision notification dates for the Class of 2019, you can find them here.

With the start of October we’re roughly one month away from the first early decision and early action application deadlines. It’s crunch time for students applying to their top-choice schools in the early round, and making note of early deadlines and the resources available to early applicants is important in this crucial stage of the admissions season.

Many schools can have several different application deadlines, so it’s important to make sure you’re on track and prepared for the correct application submission date. Last year, many early and regular admission deadlines were extended due to Common App technical problems However, this year has been fairly smooth so deadlines are unlikely to change.

For students applying early decision or early action, it’s important to understand the nuances of the early admissions process and how applying early will affect their chances of admission. Here are some resources to help students get through this first round of application deadlines.

The most important thing that students applying early decision or early action can do is be mindful of the application deadlines. Here are some of the early application deadlines for those applying for admission into the Class of 2019.

School Early Application Deadline
Amherst College Nov. 15
Boston College Nov. 1
Brown University Nov. 1
Columbia University Nov. 1
Cornell University Nov. 1
Dartmouth College Nov. 1
Duke University Nov. 1
Emory University (ED I) Nov. 1
Georgetown University Nov. 1
George Washington University Nov. 1
Harvard University Nov. 1
Johns Hopkins University Nov. 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nov. 1
Middlebury College Nov. 1
New York University Nov. 1
Northwestern University Nov. 1
Princeton University Nov. 1
Stanford University Nov. 1 (with Arts Supplement Oct. 15)
Tufts University Nov. 1
University of Chicago Nov. 1
University of Michigan Nov. 1
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Oct. 15
University of Notre Dame Nov. 1
University of Pennsylvania Nov. 1
University of Virginia Nov. 1
Vanderbilt University Nov. 1
Williams College Nov. 15
Yale University Nov. 1

Keep in mind, some schools may adjust their application deadlines as the date draws closer if there are circumstances that could negatively impact students (i.e. Common App problems, extreme weather, etc.), so be sure to check back periodically for any updated deadlines.



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