The Ultimate US Admissions Guide for International Students


Here’s What International Students Need to Know About Applying to College in the US

As the admissions season for the class of 2019 wraps up, a new crop of anxious college bound students is getting closer to starting their own admissions journey. For international students interested in studying at a US university, the application process can be confusing as the US admissions process is very different from other parts of the world.

As an international applicant it’s important to know how the US admissions process works and what’s required of international students. Testing requirements very from college to college, as well as things like additional transcript materials, recommendations, and more. This is why it’s important for all applicants, especially those outside the US, to get a head start on planning for college.

Our goal is to make the college admissions process easy and smooth for students, including those across the world. In addition to our comprehensive International Guide, we also have many informative articles that can help international applicants better understand the US admissions process. Here are some additional resources for international college applicants:

College Counseling and Prep

  1. Why You Should Start Early
  2. Building a Balanced College List
  3. Tips For Ivy League Admission
  4. Tips For Parents and International Students: How to Make an Easy Transition into American College Life
  5. Demonstrated Interest: What You Need to Know

The Admissions Process

  1. Applying to US Colleges as an International Student
  2. Everything About Need-Aware Admissions
  3. All About Applying to a US University as an International Student
  4. Tips for International Students Applying to US Colleges


  1. How Standardized Tests Affect Your College Application
  2. All About SAT and ACT Test Prep
  3. SAT vs ACT
  4. Changes Coming to the SAT in 2016

The Application

  1. How College Applications are Evaluated
  2. 10 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Navigate The Common App
  3. Applying Early Decision and Early Action

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