Education Blogs to Watch in 2016

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Education blogs are becoming a means for educators, students, and education administrators to interact more effectively than ever before. They are also a great resource for those searching for the best online education programs to jumpstart their teaching careers. Technorati currently tracks 63.1 million blogs. More than 5,000 of them are about education.

There are over 30,000 blogs hosted at alone. Here is a list of our favorites that you should watch in 2016.


These blogs provide tips for current college students.

  1. Honest College


Technology-assisted learning and online learning are topics discussed in these blogs.

  1. Clive on Learning
  2. Digital Chalkie
  3. Internet Time Blog
  4. elearnspace
  5. E-Learning Queen
  6. Learning and Technology
  7. Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  8. Stephen’s Web
  9. The Knowledge Tree

Education News

This blog is a good starting point to read more about the latest news in the world of education as well current happenings at the best online colleges.

  1. This Week in Education

Education Policy

These are blogs written by activists who are looking to reform our school system or education in general.

  1. Change Agency
  2. D-Ed Reckoning
  3. Education in Texas
  4. Education Intelligence Agency
  5. Jenny D.
  6. Schools Matter

Internet Culture

Internet applications, such as RSS and blogs, and how they can be applied in a teaching/learning environment are discussed in these blogs.

  1. absolutely intercultural
  2. Adventures in Educational Blogging
  3. BionicTeacher
  4. Digital Writing, Digital Teaching
  5. Full Circle Online Interaction Blog
  6. Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech
  7. Infinite Thinking Machine
  9. Learn Online


The focus of these blogs is on learning theory, informal learning, and knowledge.

  1. 2 Cents Worth
  2. abject learning
  3. Informal Learning Blog
  4. Learning Curves
  5. McGee’s Musings
  6. Random Walk in Learning

Library and Research

These are research-based blogs, some of which are library-based or written by librarians.

  1. David Lee King
  2. Dissertation Research
  3. Free Range Librarian
  4. heyjude
  5. ideant
  6. Information Wants To Be Free
  7. InfoSciPhi
  10. LibraryBytes
  11. Library Stuff
  12. LSJ Editors’ Blog
  13. Panlibus
  14. Rambling Librarian
  15. Resource Shelf
  16. STLQ
  17. Tasty Research


Music, history, science, and law are discussed at these blogs, respectively.

  1. History Is Elementary
  2. Polar Science 2006
  3. WisBlawg


The following blogs deal with issues facing teachers, including teaching methods, lesson plans, aids, and tools.

  1. A Difference
  2. Are We Doing Anything Today?
  3. Artichoke
  4. blog of proximal development
  5. Borderland
  6. Bud the Teacher
  7. Cool Cat Teacher Blog
  8. FunnyMonkey
  9. Infocult: Information, Culture, Policy, Education
  10. NYC Educator
  11. Teachers Teaching Teachers
  12. Teaching
  13. Teaching Generation Z
  14. The Open Classroom


Bringing technology to the classroom and using technology to learn and teach are topics discussed within these blogs.

  1. A Teacher’s Life
  2. Around the Corner v2
  3. Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom
  4. Bionic Teaching
  5. CogDogBlog
  6. Dangerously Irrelevant
  7. Ed-Tech Insider
  8. EdCompBlog
  9. Blog
  10. EdTechPost
  11. EduBlog Insights
  12. Education/Technology
  13. Infomancy
  14. Remote Access
  15. Teach42
  16. Techlearning Blog
  17. The Tech Savvy Educator
  18. The Thinking Stick
  19. Weblogg-ed

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