College Admissions Guide (2016-17)


Everything College Bound High School Seniors Need to Apply to College this Fall

It’s back to school time and for high school seniors it’s time to start applying to college! Are you ready?

There’s a lot that goes into the actual college application. There are a number of materials that students need to gather in addition to maximizing their application through essays, short answer questions, and more. It’s important to stay organized, but it’s also critical that students take time to present their best self to colleges.

There’s a lot that colleges ask for, evaluate, and take into consideration when making admission decisions. At IvyWise we want to take the guess work out of applying to college, so we’ve put together this college admissions guide with everything families need to know about what colleges look for, how applications are evaluated, and what students need to check before hitting “submit!”

The Applications

Common Application Overview (2016-17)

Coalition Application Guide (2016-17)

The Universal College Application


What Colleges Are Looking For

Building a Well-Rounded Class: Why Colleges Want Specialists

What do admissions officers look for in a college application

Demonstrated Interest: What’s Your IQ?

Grades Still Most Important Factor in College Admissions

Social Media Presence and Admissions

What Colleges Look for in a Student’s Activities List


Application Materials

Common Application Requirements Grid (2016-17)

College Recommendation Letter Tips from Freshman to Senior Year

Selecting Teachers to Write Letters of Recommendation


College Essay Tips

Common College Application Essay Myths

Tips For Recording a College Application Video Essay

Brainstorming Tips for College Application Essays

College Essay Writing Tips for Rising Seniors

How to Answer Those Unusual College Application Essay Questions

How to Write the “Why This College?” Essay

Last Minute Tips for Your College Admissions Essays

Resources to Help You Write an Excellent College Admissions Essay


College Application Tips

College Application Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid These College Application Mistakes

How to Stay Organized When Applying to College

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

What’s a Red Flag and How to Take It Down: Making the Most of a “Problem” Application

Stand Out From The Crowd: Smart Ways to Enhance Your College Applications


College Application Checklists

Planning Checklist (August)

Planning Checklist (December)

Early Decision College Application Checklist

The Ultimate College Planning Checklist

Planning Checklist (November)

Planning Checklist (October)

Planning Checklist (September)

Summer College Prep Checklist for Rising High School Seniors


After You Submit Your College Apps

How College Applications are Evaluated

How to Manage College Admissions Stress This Fall

College Admissions Secrets: How the Admissions Committee Review Process Works

College Admissions FAQ

Seniors: You’ve Submitted Your Applications, Now What?

What Matters When Applying to College?

Your Apps Are In, Now How to Beat Senioritis


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Mr. Muhammad Sherbaz


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