5 Fall College Prep Tips for Seniors


Seniors Need to Set Goals and an Application Timeline ASAP

You’ve made it! All that hard work over the past 3 years has finally led to senior year, but what do you do now? Starting off the school year strong and carrying that momentum through the fall will help you make the most of senior year and ensure you’re prepared not only for the college admissions process, but also college itself.

Balancing senior year and the college application process can be a bit stressful, but you can’t let it overwhelm you. We’ve compiled some college prep tips that will help you to ensure that your senior year is your best yet and that you finish strong.

1. Set Goals

By navigating the fall semester with a clear set of goals in mind, you will allow yourself to get ahead and navigate the new semester with ease. While you should be looking ahead and preparing for college, you should also make sure to take full advantage of your last year in high school. Setting resolutions and academic goals will allow you to ensure that you don’t fall behind, and that you end up an upward trajectory. Now would be a great time to meet with your counselor to ensure you are starting your senior year off right.

2. Get your Applications Out of the Way

As mentioned in the last tip, setting goals is important, and one of your top goals should be to create a timeline for your applications with clear deadlines that will help you tackle the process with ease. For example, if there are applications that you will want extra feedback on, make a point to complete these as soon as possible. Or, if you plan to apply to your top-choice college in the early round,make sure you’re prepared to complete your application before the early deadlines. However, be sure to give yourself enough time to avoid rushing through and making any mistakes. Also be sure to keep up with the latest in college admissions throughout your process.

3. Develop Good Habits Now

There is no better time than the present to start figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. Developing and implementing good habits now, before you get to college, will help you to avoid any unnecessary stress during your Freshman year. Good study habits will be crucial to finding success in college, so be sure to stay ahead. Staying organized will allow you to move through Senior year, the college application process, and, eventually, college most efficiently.

4. Manage Your Time

Now is the time to learn how to best utilize the 24 hours you have, while minimizing stress. Procrastination is a well-known habit of many college freshmen, which can lead to disappointing grades and more stress. Buy a planner or calendar, so you can map out your academic and extracurricular schedule as efficiently as possible. Additionally, there are hundreds of apps designed to work with you to stay organized and on top of your academic obligations.

5. Make Senior Year Count!

Senior year will fly by and be over before you know it. This is your last chance to soak in what it means to be a ‘high-schooler’, take advantage of it! Spend time with you family and friends and enjoy the little moments. Go out of your comfort zone and don’t take your senior year for granted. Learn more about yourself and what you hope to accomplish over the next chapter of your academic career.


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