US college admissions weekly roundup (Oct 21, 2016)


Highest Paying College Majors, College Ranking Lists Shift Focus to Outcomes

As seniors continue to work on their college applications, juniors are in the think of their college prep, too, wading through a wealth of information about where to apply, ROI, and more. This week saw a lot of higher education news focused on information that juniors will use to make college decisions in the coming months.more

Staying informed is key to a successful college admissions experience. The college admissions landscape is constantly changing, and at Planet EduTrain we aim to make keeping up with the latest higher education news easier by bringing you the most relevant articles every week.

Here are some of the top stories in higher education and college admissions news from this past week:

  1. A new report released by Glassdoor this week identified the 50 highest paying college majors based on data gathered by the site. STEM majors took most of the top spots, with computer science coming in at number one. Other high-paying majors include architecture, fashion design, marketing, and political science. Check out the full list here.
  2. With college costs rising, more families are concerned with the ROI of a college education. With shifting attitudes toward higher education as a training ground for future career success, more college rankings lists are focusing on outcomes, like post graduate salaries, to rate colleges.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes students make when applying to college? Not visiting before applying. Here are some other mistakes that college bound students should avoid.
  4. More and more colleges are becoming test-optional or test-flexible, but some still require applicants to submit SAT Subject Test scores. How do you know if taking SAT Subject Tests is right for you?
  5. Outcomes for college majors aren’t just about pay. It’s also about job satisfaction.
  6. We added some new counselor videos to our website this week! Check them out below!

What do you think of Glassdoor’s highest paying majors report? Are you focused on outcomes when building your balanced college list? Tell us in the comments below!


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